Inventors workshops

Inventions and patent applications filed based thereon commonly are the product of typical development activities. Teams of developers draft and describe new concepts which patent attorneys use as a basis for preparing applications for patents and utility models to optimally protect the core of the invention as well as related alternatives. Development processes require creativity on the part of all persons involved. While creativity does not come and go at the push of a button, you can steer things into a certain direction to some extent, nevertheless. If, when defining your development goals, you take into consideration aspects such as market potential, customer demands, the respective IP landscape, cost-benefit analysis, etc., you can acquire IP rights to protect your inventions even more effectively so that they will extend to technologies that are of future relevance for your business.

We will carry out individual inventors workshops to support your development process. Just let us know your intentions so that we can adapt the workshop’s scope, objective and format accordingly, building on our interdisciplinary competence. We will have the right questions for you and your developers and find the answers and solutions together. In the end, you will have optimized your development and invention processes and acquired IP rights of strategic value.

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